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About The Force (CONTINUED)

 “Mushaba is Sound and Laws in motion through movement of an esoteric design”.

“The Mushaba Force is from the Musical Spheres that created the word Mushaba. Mushaba is the Soul in Action of Remembrance. When you say Mushaba, All Creation becomes still. Mushaba Force is Creation and Spiritual Discipline through Movement. When you speak the word Mushaba, every atom in all living things trembles with the fullness of delight.”

The Mushaba Force is known throughout all of Creation as the Force of Freedom and Empowerment. It is also known as the Force of Divine Love, and The Force of Oneness.

The Mushaba Force was created when the first circle, the corona of all creation expanded into light. Reverse the English letters of what is Mushaba dimensionally; we have what is called Absheema, which is the original sound made when the first sword of the I AM was struck upon the breast of all material creative acts. It was Desire, then Mushaba, then the congealing of atoms as an oneness and unit of force. It is unique; it is one of a kind as the word uniqueness applies. It means that no other force exist that is in the power and balance of what is the origin of the Mushaba Force started in the Force of Infinitude.

The Origin of the Mushaba Force

The origin of the Mushaba Force comes from The Pool of Original Force. The Pool of Original Force is that Pool of energy that is Prime Perfect Source that was in existence before creation as we know it. It is the Pool of Original Force because it is the First Pool, the Original Pool that was created by the All of that is. In the Beginning of Beginnings, there existed what we know as The All That Is. The All That Is created another Being after itself which was the first being to come into existence. Then together, the All That Is and this Being brought into creation this Pool of Original Force Energy. Within this Pool is everything that exist and everything that ever will exist.

The Mushaba Force is within this pool of energy. When it was in the Pool it was not called by the name of Mushaba Force but was called the Force of Freedom and Empowerment. Once it was called out of the Pool by agreement between the Force and the one that called it forth, The one now known as Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba the Grandmaster of the Mushaba Force, it became the Mushaba Force. The Mushaba Force contains everything in existence, everything that is and ever will be possible for Freedom and Empowerment.

The Mushaba Force also has other qualities within it. It is also known as the Voice of Creation because it speaks to all of existence. It was used in the Creation of the Mushaba People and planet and the second universe. It is called a Creative Creation Force. It is a conscious thinking Force that has its own destiny to fulfill. Contained within the Force is also the Mushaba Energy. There is energy in everything; everything is energy. The Mushaba Force is a spilling out of energy. It is an interpretation of the energetic intent of what it is. The Mushaba Force is an interpretation of the Mushaba Energy.

Understand that when we say force, we mean Force as a mechanism for Change. It does not carry the meaning of force as it has been used on Earth and other places throughout the universe that has experienced being forced to act against one’s will. The color of the Mushaba Force is what is termed a sparkling midnight black. It also displays itself as a soft pink with brilliant spirals of purple.

The Intent of the Mushaba Force

The intent of this Force was to bring forward a pure force and nothing is more pure than a force of divine love and divine oneness. A force that is un-corruptible and can only be used for the highest purposes by those of the purest intent. The Mushaba Force is the primordial energy of creation and its point of entry was originated in the Andromeda Galaxy. This Force carries the original codes and energy used in the evolution of earth's humanity. It’s a Force of Alchemy and Transformation that offers humanity the great opportunity to experience a strong, powerful and unique force that will assist you in moving out of fear, disunity and separation.

Mushaba Force is Love

If battle must be done then go to battle with the Power of Love, not the love of power. This is what the Mushaba is. For love frees up the particles within a body and a mind. The power of love, it will move a mountain. This Force of Power is the Power of Love, which doesn’t even see any of that, no differences.  In truth, it does not matter.  The Force of Love is what everyone needs, the Power of Love. So we must understand the Wisdom of Love, Power and Oneness and go as I said, God direct! It truly is the deepest truth to understand that everything is Love or Love in disguise. You are a Master. You are wiping away the disguise of pain, fear, and death, and seeing with eyes of Love and Truth that are Eternal, that are Immortal and that are Unconditional.


The Mushaba Light

The Mushaba Light is the Light of Freedom and Empowerment. The Mushaba Light is the light that carries the knowledge of this force, its potential, possibilities and how to use it with truth, love and integrity. This light is a transmitter of information. Through this light, one can grow into the higher states of being and expanded consciousness. You can communicate with the higher realms and higher forces of light as well as the Creator through the Creator Light. The Mushaba Light is the light that carries within it all of the information of the Mushaba Force. The pool of Original Force that the Mushaba Force was created from is what has been referred to as this out breath of the All That Is. The Original Force is the thought of all there is. It is the light of Divine Love and Oneness. There are many components to the Mushaba Light as it is with the Mushaba Force. The color of the Mushaba Light is brilliant white, Platinum, and Gold.

The Mushaba Light Fire

The Mushaba Light Fire is Light that is on fire! That is how it looks. It carries the frequencies of purity and integrity within it. The color of the Mushaba Light Fire is Black, Blue, Purple and Pink.

The Mushaba Force is Love at its exponential Power. It is a force that carries the deep and abiding love of Creator and all of existence.

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