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Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba
Grand Master Teacher of the Mushaba Disciplines

As the innovator behind the Mushaba Frequencies, author Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba has dedicated his life to teaching people the many physical and mental benefits of the Mushaba Disciplines and Teachings.

A Grand-Khan of The Mushaba Martial Artistry of Power and Beauty and a Senior  Grandmaster of Sanuces Eye to Eye Martial Arts, Mushaba has developed his own unique system of teaching. He is the Grandmaster Teacher of the Mushaba Esoteric Movements of Life and Sound. Together with the Mushaba Force Disciplines, this technique enhances mental health by facilitating harmony and balance of the body and mind, creating a mental state similar to that of deep meditation.

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba is the Grandmaster of the Mushaba People and The Mushaba Force Frequencies. He has come to earth to assist in the earth’s ascension of humanity. The Energy of the Mushaba Frequencies are imbued within nature and all life on earth bar none. The Mjushaba Force has evolved to become the Love Essence of Mushaba.

His name Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba means: “One who lights the path to knowledge and leads the people to freedom with Freedom, Empowerment, Divine Love and Oneness, Transformation and Change”
Mushaba has studied the Law of Attraction theory or “secret,” which is based on the belief that positive thinking is the key to achieving happiness and success. However, during his studies, Mushaba realized that positive thinking is not enough.
As he explains in his book, Mind Over Illusion: a person’s thinking has the power to either free them or enslave them. “At any point in time, your thoughts and actions are either contributing to your success or contributing to your failure. There are no other choices,” says Mushaba. When we focus on negative thoughts, they become hardwired in us and thus are harder to overcome.

Mushaba, who frequently conducts workshops and seminars on healing and transformation, explains that people can quickly override a negative thought with a positive one if they know how. Mind over Illusion discusses how to take conscious action to harness the energies of the earth and prevent these harmful thoughts from controlling your fate. Mushaba’s book also explores “the secret” and provides insight on understanding what the secret is and making it work. He explains that the key is to become conscious of your unconscious.

“Many people believe that the principle of the Law of Attraction or ‘the secret’ is the answer and that through positive affirmations all problems can be solved,” says Mushaba. “Unfortunately, just thinking positively isn’t always enough and the frustrations of seeing no results can be overwhelming.”  “In Truth there is no secret, we have simply forgotten our own innate power within”. Mushaba’s motivation to write Mind Over Illusion stemmed from a desire to help readers facilitate the flow of positive energy by removing the mental and spiritual obstacles they themselves create, which prevent them from succeeding in a variety of major life arenas, including finances, relationships, and professional careers.

Mushaba’s book grew from his Mushaba Energy of Love and Light practice, along with the Mushaba esoteric Movements of Life and Sound. Mushaba describes in Mind over Illusion how these energies are essential to letting go of fears, understanding your own beliefs and taking back the power in your life.

In addition to working as a full-time writer, Mushaba is the CEO of the Mushaba Empire which incorporates many business such as The Mushaba Center, Mushaba Force Entertainment, Mushaba Health and Wellness just to name a few of the many.

Mushaba, a 3 time inductee into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and also featured in the documentary film “Warrior Within”, alongside actor and martial arts expert Bruce Lee, designed his martial arts system using a combination of movement and breathing techniques that use the energies of Mother Nature and the universe to the body’s advantage.

He has worked with the Hartford Connecticut Police Force to form the Police Youth Commissions, and has volunteered with the Center of Abused Children in North Hollywood, Calif. Mushaba also taught martial arts to nonprofit youth organizations and mentored youths struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. In addition to Mind Over Illusion, Mushaba has authored other many books dealing with the human spiritual and mental experience as well as historical and practical.


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