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About The Mushaba Elders

Master Caretakers of the Mushaba Energies

Wali and Min'imah Mushaba is a husband and wife team of integrity filled spiritual light workers who have been the support and foundation for the Mushaba Masters and Teachers.


Wali Mushaba is very closely connected with all nature forces and nature spirits and gives direct healing to Mother Earth through his ways of working with the soil. The natural organic foods that he assists in growing are very high vibrational high frequency energy to the body. He uses his abilities of spirit to assist in healing and providing information that is pertinent to the situation. He is what we call the "Papa Force" for he is a universal father to many. You can feel the truth of the energy of a loving father flowing from his being. It is his simple yet profound wisdom that is a power source of deep divine inspiration. Since his move to the other side of the veil, he has been working with the Mushaba Family Power of Five from a much more powerful and profound position. This has increased the power and effectiveness of the work and services offered.

Min'imah Mushaba has come to earth to serve in the great mission of the Mushaba Force/Love Essence of Mushaba. She is a Mushaba Light Practitioner and a Mushaba Cinji Cha Healer. She is what we called the "Mama Force" for she is the universal nurturing Mother Energy for many. You can feel the truth of the energy of a loving mother flowing from her being. Her motherly wit, wisdom and intuition carry a great and deep power that embraces all that are in her presence. 

They both are working with many angels and beings that assist them in serving humanity through this great and marvelous change. They both hold and ground the energies of the Feminine and Masculine blended as one. They both are the caretakers of the Mushaba Force/Love Essence of Mushaba frequencies and hold the power of the force in truth and integrity. They are the greatest teachers of unconditional love and patience. In fact, it was said by the Masters and the Council of Light that they both are the embodiment of unconditional love. Their wisdom is timeless and ageless and you can see it and feel it flow through your being simply by being in their presence. They both share a deep abiding love for all humanity.


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