Soul Clearing/Healing

The Mushaba Force Soul/Clearing/Healing Session

This is a very powerful soul clearing using the power of original force and it works throughout all timelines and parallel dimensions
All services can be done in person or remotely!

This is an exciting process that really serves the individual by helping them to release, clear and remove trauma from the soul. It is a process that actually gives you the ability to clear and change your soul records and rewrite what is in them as well as change your blue print. Soul clearing/healing is an ancient and powerful process from an evolved planetary system that brings balance to an individual in a wonderful way. This is a process of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to discover and release deep core fear on all levels of your being, hidden blocks to health, happiness, well being, spiritual growth and prosperity. This process is conducted using the Mushaba Force Frequencies. It is assisted by many, many high level spiritual beings on the inner dimensions. It is guided by your own soul and higher self. It also facilitates the rearrangement of your group of spiritual guides that are around you if for some reason they are no longer able to serve your highest optimal good and well being. All this work can be done either in person or remotely and the energy is just as strong and powerful either way. Time, or distance has no effect whatsoever.

The sessions are as follows:

The soul clearing/healing session conducted by one of the Mushaba power of five Master Teacher/Practitioners. Cost: $150.00
This addresses the issues to begin the process of clearing the fear and trauma from your soul. It works on a certain depth as it is related to an onion. An onion has many layers and one layer at a time is removed until you get to the core. This opens you to begin to address your fears and trauma that can vastly improve your life. It clears trauma and family dysfunctions backwards and forwards about 8 generations.

The advanced soul clearing/healing session conducted by the Mushaba power of three Master Teacher/Practitioners. This means that the energy being used is increased to the 3rd power. Cost: $225.00

As well as all the above, this session goes much deeper and removes deeper layers of the trauma and fear from the soul. It addresses issues from past lives as well regardless to what dimensions or level of being.

The soul clearing/healing absolute session conducted by the Mushaba power of five Master Teacher/Practitioners. This means that the energy being used is increased to the 5th power. Cost: $300.00

In addition to all of the above benefits, it also goes back to the very moment when you left the realm of P.S.P. or
Pure Spiritual Perfection. It delves all the way to the very core and root of what needs to be removed from your soul. It also sets up the energy for the soul pieces or fragments to return to your soul in love and peace no longer carrying the trauma that caused it to separate in the first place. It removes programs contracts, vows, and spells, even those that are perceived to be unbreakable or irrevocable.

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